August 24th, 2016


Ralph W. Smyth – “The Honourable” –

The honourable Ralph Smyth was born on March 15th, 1981 to parents Alfred and Elizabeth in the small town of London, England. Despite growing up in an upper class London home, Ralph had a tough childhood. He was born with HBS, or Hyper-Active Bowel Syndrome, which caused him to defecate more often than a normal child, and produce stool with no odor. This led to much ridicule from classmates in grammar school. To combat this, Ralph developed a love of practical jokes to shift the laughs onto others. He was expelled from grammar school at the age of 17 after a practical joke went awry, leaving a truancy officer hairless. After the expulsion, there is no record of the next 3 years of Ralph’s life. hen asked what

Upon rejoining society, Ralph began studying at Oxford where he received a masters in Business, History, and the History of Business in 18 months due to a clerical error. Upon further investigation, the Oxford education board discovered there had been a mistake: Ralph should have received his degrees two months prior. They granted him an honorary bachelors in omen’s Studies as a formal apology.

After a brief but eventful career in the army, Ralph made a small fortune in Government and Sovereign Nation Futures and parlayed the money into even greater wealth by forming businesses and enterprises all over the world.

One such business is a production company in Austin, Texas that …