Crunch Time

When a gang of brilliant grad students use big science for petty purposes, they accidentally create a black hole that could destroy the universe.

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy

Director: Andrew Disney

Cast: Avery Monsen, Jessy Hodges, Nicholas Rutherford, Samm Levine, Kirk Johnson

Services we provide

Production Services

We pride ourselves on being continually innovative with how content is being created, produced, and distributed. RSE has collected 25+ years developing strategic relationships with both creative and logistical sides of production that aid in refining all of the possibilities within a budget. We’ve been engaged to execute the finest of logistical details for productions all the way up to full script-to-screen services. Budgeting, planning, and maintaining relationships are our best kept “trade secrets.” We’ve also been very successful in leveraging state & federal tax incentives to mitigate financial risk. From Sweden to China, NYC to Los Angeles, we’ve produced narrative features, international documentaries, and serialized content that has been viewed by millions. Let us help you execute production services so that you can showcase your content to your audience.

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Branded Content

From producing traditional national TV campaigns to garnering millions of views on YouTube videos, the Ralph Smyth Entertainment team has ridden the evolutionary waves of advertising into the world of branded content. Whether we’re throwing a Deep Eddy vodka party for a viral YouTube series or we’re overwhelming the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest with more views than all four finalists combined, the team collaborates with our clients to produce content that resonates strongly with our target audience. Along with writing and production services, we can also package strategic online placement services to optimize organic audience generation. We can effectively execute individual campaigns or be your content AOR, but ultimately, let us help produce culturally iconic and enduring content for your brand.

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Story of Ralph Smyth

Ralph W. Smyth

The honourable Ralph Smyth was born on March 15th, 1981 to parents Alfred and Elizabeth in the small town of London, England. Despite growing up in an upper class London home, Ralph had a tough childhood. He was born with HBS, or Hyper-Active Bowel Syndrome, which caused him to defecate more often than a normal child, and produce stool with no odor. This led to much ridicule from classmates in grammar school. To combat this, Ralph developed a love of practical jokes to shift the laughs onto others. He was expelled from grammar school at the age of 17 after a practical joke went awry, leaving a truancy officer hairless. After the expulsion, there is no record of the next 3 years of Ralph’s life. When asked what he was doing during this time, he answered with one word…. “living.”

After a brief but eventful career in the army, Ralph made a small fortune in Government and Sovereign Nation Futures and parlayed the money into even greater wealth by forming businesses and enterprises all over the world. One such venture is a production company in Austin, Texas that bears his name and family coat of arms.

When Ralph isn’t making money he spends his time giving it away at high-stakes charity baccarat. This selfless philanthropic spirit has no prejudice based on nation, creed or cause. With the lone exception being the Daughters of the American Revolution, because he denies the war ever happened.

He currently has no country of residence.