ProGamer (2017)

Rating: TBD / Genre: Documentary / Runtime: 1 hr. 12 min.

ProGamer explores the emerging world of electronic sports through the experiences of the most polarizing professional gamer and the most beloved. Naniwa is an in-his-prime 21-year-old Swedish prodigy whose passion for becoming the best player in the world has damaged relationships and opportunities for his career. White-Ra is an over-the-hill 31 year-old charismatic Ukrainian struggling to maintain his career while confronting realities of life beyond pro-gaming. Their stories are told as the uncertain future of electronic sports unfolds around them.


Director/Producer: Justin Agnew
Director of Photography: Ricardo Diaz
Producers: Andrew Lee, Russell Wayne Groves


  • Johan Lucchesi
    as NaNiwa

  • Aleksey Krupnyk
    as White-Ra

  • Sean Plott
    as Day[9]

  • Steven Bonnell II
    as Destiny

  • Greg Fields
    as IdrA

  • Kristoffer Wirch
    as Catechin

  • Antonio Sanchez
    as Ynot

  • Shawn Simon
    as Sheth

  • Josh Marston
    as Rekatan

  • Nick Ranish
    as Axslav

  • Vladislav Svistov
    as Arch

  • Kevin Riley
    as QxC

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