Crunch Time (2016)

Rating: NYR / Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy / Runtime: 6 half hour episodes

Crunch Time follows a group of grad students who use big science for petty purposes. After recklessly handling cutting-edge tech in their school lab, this brilliant team of jackasses create a small, but potentially world-ending black hole that grabs the attention of government operatives. Since the “wanna-be” scientists can’t pinpoint exactly where their experiment went wrong, they must work with the secret government agency, sent in to save the day, by detailing EVERY illegal thing they’ve done in the lab thus far.
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Writers: Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson
Cinematographer: Jeffrey Waldon
Executive Producers: Andrew Disney, Bradley Jackson, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum
Producers: Russell Wayne Groves, Andrew Lee, David Ward


  • Avery Monsen
    as Sam

  • Jessy Hodges
    as Hannah

  • Nicholas Rutherford
    as Berkman

  • Samm Levine
    as Connor

  • Kirk Johnson
    as Larry

  • Michael Hyatt
    as Mullins

  • Brent Morin
    as Hobbs

  • Jade Catta-Preta
    as Victoria Wain

  • Bill Wise
    as Dean Samuelson

  • Burnie Burns
    as Special Agent

  • Mark Moses
    as Dr. Montgomery Wittington